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The New Quality & Improvement Programme That You Can Drive

We are offering TSA members and strategic partners a dynamic opportunity to get involved in shaping a number of TEC sector priorities that need your expertise.

At TSA, we have met with members and other key stakeholders and identified the most critical issues that need attention in the technology enabled care sector and have created a number of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) to tackle the pieces of work that will impact significantly on the continual improvement of TEC services.

The Background…

TSA and its sister company, TEC QUALITY, are seeking continual improvements to health and care outcomes that derive from technology enabled care services, and the ambition is to inspire confidence in such services amongst widening groups of end users, carers and commissioners.

In pursuing quality and continual improvements in TEC services, we can anticipate some challenges and a changing landscape, particularly as we all grapple with a digital evolution of technology and services, for example:

  • How will we adapt TEC regulations and standards to a world that adopts an ‘internet of things’, and with a wide spectrum of smart applications and devices? This implies further development of guidance or standards that incorporate emergent technologies.
  • Our ongoing support for social alarm standards needs to be reconciled with the likely impact of a shift to digital telecommunications networks (such as the loss of back-up power supplies). We seek to preserve high integrity in TEC services, which may require amendments or additions to standards or guidance.
  • The issues that arise from digital ‘landline’ connection of alarms may encourage a similar path to that taken in other countries, where alarm communication has shifted to mobile connectivity. Here again we need to consider the implications for guidance and standards.
  • Other countries have benefited from central government commitment to specification and procurement of digital TEC. Is this likely for the UK, and what role should TSA take?
  • There is a growing appetite for information, technologies and services that assist self-management of health and care. Here, private pay channels will play an increasing role, and we need to assist the paying consumer, perhaps by providing trusted evaluation and signposting to TEC services?
  • The TSA Quality Standards Framework will need careful management as we navigate these service and technology developments, to ensure its content remains relevant and fit for purpose, whilst not detracting from the trust that comes with independent compliance checks.

At TSA we have identified a range of top line initiatives that will significantly impact the quality improvement of Technology Enabled Care, having gathered a set of initial priorities communicated to us via TSA membership events and the ITEC2019 conference.

The Special Interest Groups are:

  • Testing of Analogue Alarm Systems on Digital Networks
  • Operational Guidance on the use of Fall Detection Technology
  • Operational Guidance on Interaction with Emergency Services
  • European Standards for Social Alarm Services (inc CEN TC/431)
  • Operational Guidelines on Key Performance Indicators
  • Mobile and Cellular Communications Guidelines
  • Guidelines for Internet of Things Care Applications
  • Service Availability and Reliability Standards
  • Using data and intelligence to optimise outcomes from TEC services.

- We want to know: what are the challenges you are facing?

- What sector changes are needed to help meet your objectives?

TSA is offering an open invitation for candidates to put themselves forward to participate and volunteer on the existing SIGs or offer to lead on new SIG categories.

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