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TEC Services Association Statement:

White Paper on Adult Social Care System Reform

1 December 2021

TEC Services Association (TSA), the industry and advisory body for technology enabled care (TEC) services in the UK, welcomes the Government’s White Paper on Adult Social Care System Reform. TSA is a strong advocate for technology to be at the heart of these system transformation proposals.

TSA’s chief executive, Alyson Scurfield has been closely involved in the rapid development of this White Paper, sitting on its Technology Advisory Group to represent the TEC sector and ensure the message and impact of preventative and empowering technology enabled care is recognised across all proposals.

Crucially, Alyson Scurfield is urging Government to make sure policies give choice and control to individuals, families, carers and communities, using technology to provide the right care, in the right place at the right time.

Alyson Scurfield, CEO of TSA said: “Technology can improve people’s lives and help them achieve their aspirations. It empowers individuals and their families, giving them the confidence and tools to choose and feedback on their care and support and also improving the knowledge and understanding of care professionals.”

“It’s vital that digital tools are used more proactively across adult social care, identifying risk and preventing incidents, so people can live healthier lives for longer, in their own homes – something TSA identified in its joint Commission with the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services earlier this year.”

TSA believes this White Paper recognises the enabling potential of technology and marks a critical step forward in building a more sustainable and effective adult social care system.

As the national body for the TEC sector, TSA looks forward to working with Government to embed digitalisation across social care, unlocking the potential of care providers and tech companies to support this transformation and turn this policy into a reality.


Further information here on Adult Social Care Transformation


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