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Unveiling the Starlets of TSA: The Drive for Workforce Development and Excellence in Service

2​7 September 2023


Anicka Fairhurst - Operations Manager


Tim Dawson - Policy & Research Officer


K​aden Lyons - Finance Officer

There's no doubt that a company's biggest asset is its people, and here at TSA employee growth is embedded in the very fabric of our organisation. A compelling testimony of this comes from three rising stars - Anicka Fairhurst, Tim Dawson and Kaden Lyons - who are making significant strides in their respective careers, thanks to their sterling efforts coupled with TSA's commitment to developing our workforce.


After a challenging graduate job search during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Tim found his career starting point with TSA’s newly created Graduate Scheme. Despite having no initial knowledge of the TEC sector, TSA's warm and welcoming internal team provided the necessary support to help Tim navigate the complexities of A2D and interoperability. Over the past two years, not only has he developed a robust understanding of TEC, but he has also experienced professional growth and increased confidence. In Tim's own words, "I am now more aware of my capabilities, how these relate to day-to-day business activity, and how I can continue to work and progress as both an individual and a member of a wider team."

Similarly, Anicka Fairhurst experienced immense professional development since joining TSA. Transitioning careers, she was presented an opportunity to further her skills within the Operations Department. TSA supported her throughout a 19-month journey that culminated in the successful completion of a Level 5 Operations / Departmental Manager Apprenticeship in May 2023. Highlighting TSA's support, Anicka said, "TSA provided me with holistic support and commitment from colleagues from all departments within the company. My co-workers always supported me when needed, throughout my endeavour, which was a huge factor in achieving my Level 5 Operations/Departmental Manager qualification. TSA’s continual encouragement has motivated me to further excel within my role."

TSA's focus on employee development is not limited to those with a clear career path. Kaden Lyons, despite uncertainty over his professional direction, found TSA's supportive environment encouraging. With several supportive sessions aimed at identifying his strengths and interests, Kaden now sees a future in finance and is preparing to embark on a personal development plan with either AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) or CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants). Reflecting on TSA's support, Kaden affirms, "I have been strongly encouraged to keep striving for personal development which is so refreshing to see in an organisation."

The journeys of Tim, Anicka, and Kaden affirm TSA's commitment to our workforce's professional development, nurturing their skills, and promoting personal growth. Our focus on fostering talent and enabling our team to deliver superior service to its members lies at the heart of what we do.

It reaffirms TSA as a place where individual talents are recognised, nurtured, and given every opportunity to flourish - thereby ensuring that we can continue to be the voice of technology-enabled care, whilst maintaining stellar service to our members.

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