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What’s next for projects awarded housing and technology funding?

Posted on 01 Mar, 2017

On Tuesday 20 December 2016, 52 local authority projects were awarded funds by the Department of Health to improve housing for people with learning disabilities.

The fund will support projects that adapt existing properties with new technology and that build new technologically adapted homes.

It is vital that the 42 councils receiving housing and technology funding (some councils have more than one project) share their learning and experiences. If local authorities are able to talk together and learn from each other then it is more likely that lessons from each project, and the models they create, will be communicated across the UK.

Some suppliers are working with more than one local authority on this funding project. This presents a real opportunity to avoid duplication of effort, but this will only happen if councils communicate with each other.

TSA would like to help those local authorities using similar solutions or with similar objectives to work together. We also want to support our service provider and supplier members by facilitating joint information sharing amongst their council customers.

We are keen to hear from the suppliers, service providers and local authorities involved in this Housing & Technology funding project. Tell us about your projects and the issues involved.

Can TSA support you to share learning amongst councils? How would you like to pass on lessons from your project?

Contact Nathan Downing, TSA’s Housing and Social Care Associate to discuss how TSA can support you on this:

More information here on which local authorities have been awarded funding.

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