Our Structure

TSA is changing.

We have separated our standards work and our membership services.


Our newly created standards arm, TEC Quality, sets and monitors standards. It audits and certifies organisations against these standards.


Our newly created parent body is still known as TSA, but this now stands for TEC Services Association. TSA is now a not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC).


TSA manages all member services, training and events and provide business transformation and growth support. It will lobby and raise awareness of the impact TEC can have and provide guidance to users and choosers.


TEC Quality runs our Quality Standards Framework (QSF) and it will be independent, with its own Board of Directors. No suppliers or service providers will sit on the TEC Quality Board - it will consist of experts in health, social care, regulation and academia plus a service user.


Why have we separated our standards and membership operations?

There are two distinct areas to TSA’s work. We help our members to grow and transform their TEC services. But we also audit and certify TEC organisations against industry standards. It made sense for us to formally separate these activities. This helps us demonstrate the independence of our audit and certification work and allows us to focus our parent body on helping TEC services flourish.


Why do we have a new name?

Our newly created parent body is still called TSA. This used to stand for Telecare Services Association and now it stands for TEC Services Association CIC. TSA still represents hundreds of telecare services, but the technology enabled care (TEC) market – and TSA’s growing membership - now consists of telehealth, telemedicine, mHealth, smart home technologies and more. We feel the name TEC Services Association better reflects this diverse industry.


Why have we formed a Community Interest Company?

Our activities sit more comfortably within a not-for-profit Community Interest Company. We want people to know that any money we make is being used for public good, something that will strengthen our partnerships in the future. This is particularly important because the TEC market is changing. New risks and opportunities are being presented by the digital shift, growing self-funder market and data-driven services. TSA must adopt a new leadership role to support the sector.


Why have we set up a subsidiary called TEC Quality?

We want the TEC industry to know that our audit and certification work is independent and transparent. Creating a separate arm, TEC Quality, with its own Board of Directors, to set standards, develop technical guidance and run the Quality Standards Framework, helps us to demonstrate our impartiality. No suppliers or service providers will sit on the TEC Quality Board - it will consist of experts in health, social care, regulation, academia plus a service user.


What are our goals for 2018?

Our overall vision remains the same:

People choosing technology enabled care to enrich everyday life


The mission for our parent body, TEC Services Association is now:

Driving the transformation and growth of the TEC industry


The mission for our standards arm, TEC Quality is now:

Providing independent, trusted audit and certification of TEC providers and suppliers using appropriate standards


Read more about TSA’s objectives, values, structure and governance here.


How will we achieve our goals?

We will be publishing more information about our plan for 2018, our operating structure and how we will measure our performance shortly.