Our Team

For all general enquiries please contact TSA's office on 01625 520320 or email charlotte.young@tsa-voice.org.uk 


For enquiries about QSF or TEC Quality contact Paul Finch on 01625 520320 or email paul.finch@tsa-voice.org.uk

If you would like to contact a member of the team directly, please do so as detailed below: 


Rt Hon Paul Burstow

Email: admin@tsa-voice.org.uk
Tel: 01625 520320




Chief Executive Officer
Alyson Scurfield

Email: alyson.scurfield@tsa-voice.org.uk

Tel: 01625 520320



Marketing and Events Assistant
Charlotte Young

Email: charlotte.young@tsa-voice.org.uk
Tel: 01625 520320

Marketing and Content Manager 
Andy Tucker

Email: andy.tucker@tsa-voice.org.uk
Tel: 01625 520320


TSA Associate - Standards 
Paul Finch

Email: paul.finch@tsa-voice.org.uk
Tel: 07983 281 288




TSA Associate - Events
Alan Williamson

Email: alan.williamson@tsa-voice.org.uk
Tel: 01625 520320




TSA Associate – Marketing and Communications 
Rowan Atkins

Email: rowan@rowanatkins.co.uk  
Tel: 07834 158 725




TSA Associate - Social Care and Housing
Nathan Downing

Email: nathan.downing@tsa-voice.org.uk  
Tel: 07970 567 332




TSA Associate – Technology Strategist 
Steve Sadler

Email: steve.sadler@tsa-voice.org.uk 
Tel: 01625 520320