TSA, a global leader in defining quality for service users, carers, commissioners and providers is evolving its Integrated Telecare and Telehealth Code of Practice into a Quality Standards Framework for all Technology Enabled Care (TEC) services.

The Code of Practice already recognised as the benchmark for TEC services with over 130 organisations across the UK accredited to it will be moving from outputs to outcomes giving services the ability to be unique in their approach. It will now be known as the Quality Standards Framework for TEC Services.

Ten common standard modules and a framework have been developed to include User and Carer Involvement, User Safety, Effectiveness of Care, Information Governance, Partnership Working and Integrated Care, Workforce, Business Continuity, Continuous Improvement and Innovation and new areas such as Ethics and Performance and Contract Management.

The new modules now not only appeal to those working in telecare and telehealth but to all involved in TEC and aspects of digital health including commissioners, service users, carers and wider TEC stakeholders including emergency services.


The new Framework will be launched for consultation at TSA’s annual International Technology Enabled Care Conference on 18th October at the ICC in Birmingham.

The framework adopts a flexible structure that ensures continuous quality improvement whilst encouraging innovation. It embraces TEC in its entirety: wearables, activity trackers, tele-coaching, apps, video monitoring; not forgetting more traditional telecare services.

It has a strategic theme and puts the service user at the heart of the standards. It ensures organisational quality and safety and promotes innovation and continuous improvement.

Compliance with TSA’s new standards provides the only real assurance that providers are delivering quality in what is otherwise a largely unregulated industry.

Participating organisations will be audited under the new framework after the TSA Summit in 2017 and a new audit process will be put in place seeking evidence that all the key outcomes have been met.