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TSA's online training, developed in partnership with Learning Curve Group, allows members to access a range of useful learning resources.


Fire Safety in The Home - FREE
The first module, on "Fire Safety in The Home" is available as a free resource for anyone who comes into contact with vulnerable people. 


This module has been developed with the support of London Fire Brigade to raise awareness and understanding of potential fire risks, how to minimize risks, and offers possible solutions.  Many fire incidents involving vulnerable people have similar characteristics, including care provision for the individual and often use of fire detection and/or monitoring equipment as part of their care package. 


This course explores balance and tailoring of provision around individual need, to reduce fire risk for vulnerable people. It also explores how raising awareness with carers, housing providers, support workers, visiting officers, informal carers, meter readers can greatly benefit the individual by reducing and control risks. 


This FREE online interactive training module is a simple way to achieve this important area of learning.


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Coming soon - further modules in development will be available soon, including Call Handling, Installation of TEC equipment (dispersed)and Responder Services.


These programmes are designed to complement employers’ existing in-house training provision and improve each learner’s knowledge and skills by assessing their core competencies against national standards.


Learning Curve offer various Health and Social Care Qualifications, which can often be available fully funded. The full range of courses can be found here: