The R2R Model

The Referral to Re-Evaluation model explained

Essentially, the R2R model establishes a framework by which risks are identified and managed and by which telecare/telehealth has maximum opportunity to deliver the benefits it promises.  The Integrated Code of Practice is set out in the Matrix and this reflects the different stages of the R2R model.


Referral is the initial contact made by potential service users or their representative with the telecare service provider.  The referral is dealt with by suitably qualified and trained staff who provide accurate information about the telecare service.


Profiling examines the needs of the individual, their physical and emotional state and the status of the physical environment. From this information the appropriate type of response and the range of telecare equipment to best manage the risk and support the individual are identified.


Service set up examines the tailoring and installation of the agreed telecare package. It is critical that the service user understands how the telecare package will provide support and to build confidence in the equipment and the remote monitoring and response elements of the service.


Monitoring is the moment of truth for telecare. Trained staff, accustomed to high-touch interaction with vulnerable people (often in life threatening situations), are central to any telecare provision. The 24/7 monitoring centres need robust protocols to deliver a watertight solution which is appropriate to the individual’s needs. Effective and reliable back-up must be in place to ensure the delivery of a constant and consistent service to telecare users.


Response is the provision of planned and emergency responder services.


Re-evaluation is the final R in the telecare model. The events which cause the alerts and responses must themselves continually inform re-evaluation. This is ongoing and systematic re-evaluation which examines the wider needs of the user. Re-evaluation determines the ongoing type and level of care and support, appropriate to changing needs with the full involvement and consent of the individual.

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