Suppliers and SMEs



TEC solutions providers can benefit from our industry expertise, reach and relationships. We can provide pragmatic advice on the TEC landscape, supporting organisational growth by:


  • Carrying out target stakeholder analysis
  • Assisting with communications strategy, influencing and lobbying
  • Ensuring the delivery of solutions are aligned to commissioning objectives
  • Providing a gap analysis around best practice
  • Outlining key tactical and operational recommendations and the case for change
  • Market intelligence gathering, analysis, evaluation and recommendations
  • Helping to build strategic partnerships
  • Advising on the policy and procurement landscape


TSA consultancy solutions are always based on individual needs. As such we’ll undertake a fully costed and detailed scoping and planning proposal, with flexibility to meet available budgets without compromising on effectiveness.



SMEs and start-ups


We provide a critical friend role to organisations wanting to enter the TEC sector with new solutions or wishing to expand their market penetration. We can use our network of industry contacts and sector knowledge to help facilitate market development, penetration and growth.


We can offer business strategy solutions which focus on:


  • Marketing and communications
  • Pilot project scoping and evaluation
  • System and technology integration advice
  • Market intelligence gathering, analysis, evaluation and recommendations
  • Certification, internal and external quality assurance
  • Advise on the policy and procurement landscape


As ever, one size does not fit all, so our consultancy solutions can be tailored to specific needs and desired outcomes.