Ten tips on how to make a great health and care app


By Liz Ashall-Payne

28th July 2017


Health apps can be a powerful tool for those seeking to prevent or manage existing conditions and a trusted and valuable resource for clinicians. However, with around 300,000 apps across IOS and Google Play it can be difficult for users to know which are safe and effective. Here’s how to give potential users and clinicians confidence in your product.


  1. Build trust with users
    Demonstrate the reliability of your app by including information about safety and risks within the app itself. You’re a responsible developer so prove it.
  2. Identify user needs
    Find out what is most important to your target audience. This will help refine the usability, design and functionality of your product and help your app stand out in the marketplace.
  3. Respect data privacy
    Only take data if you have to, or if it enhances user experience. Be clear about what information you take and how it is used. Give a full declaration of your data privacy policy.
  4. Shout about your design and testing credentials
    If you have engaged users during design and testing shout about it. This can help differentiate you from those that have little interest in feedback and input from users.
  5. Offer content assurance and validation
    Potential users and clinicians need to know that your product is safe and effective so if it has been clinically or academically evaluated let them know.
  6. Focus on ease of use and responsiveness
    Make navigation easy and intuitive. It should be easy for users to report issues and they should trust your commitment to fixing any bugs.
  7. Make it accessible
    Make your app free or as affordable as possible and available on the most popular platforms – iOS and Android.
  8. Embrace user feedback
    Encourage user feedback and take it on board to make your app the best it can be. Remember, apps with great user reviews are downloaded significantly more than others.
  9. Get rated
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  10. Stay connected with your market
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To download ORCHA’s full top tips guide, that gives further information on making a great health and care app, please click here