TSA has built a suite of face-to-face training packages and e-learning resources designed to provide members and stakeholders with key knowledge required for work within the TEC industry.


Face-to-Face Training:

Our face-to-face training packages are designed to raise awareness, develop skills, knowledge and expertise and increase understanding around the benefits that TEC services offer in supporting the delivery of integrated health and care services, through promoting better self-care and maintaining independent living.


Current packages can be viewed here and include:


     •      Call handling for TECS - 1 day

      Introduction to/Understanding Telecare – 1/2 day

      Telecare Awareness – Emergency Services – 1/2 day 

      Assessing for Telecare – 1 day 




Training testimonials from Lancashire County Council, Portsmouth City Council and Alfi Telecare can be read here.  



TSA launched its first e-learning resource with London Fire Brigade and Learning Curve Group to raise awareness of the risk of fire to vulnerable people.


In October 2017 TSA will launch a resource developed in partnership with Learning Curve Group to provide members with a tool to measure core competencies around good quality and safe practice for Call Handling, Installation of TEC equipment (dispersed) and Responder Services.  This resource will enable TSA members to develop staff proficiency and knowledge and evidence staff competency under TSA’s Quality Standards Framework


If there is an area of training you would like TSA to develop, please do not hesitate to get in touch: gillian.austin@tsa-voice.org.uk