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Fire Safety in the Home

This module has been developed with the support of London Fire Brigade to raise awareness, and increase knowledge of how to recognise what may present a fire risk, what you as an individual can do to minimise that risk, and possible solutions. Many fire incidents which involve vulnerable people have similar characteristics and have involved some form of care provision for the individual, some have incorporated the use of fire detection and/or monitoring equipment (Telecare) as part of their care package.

What we know is that there is more that can be done, existing provision has not always been appropriate to the fire risk associated with the individual and there is substantial scope for reducing the fire risk to vulnerable people by raising awareness with people who come into contact on a regular basis with individuals who may be at risk, such as carers, housing providers, support workers, visiting officers, informal carers, meter readers etc.

This course offers an opportunity to reduce the risk of harm from fire to the person being cared for, giving the knowledge and understanding required to reduce or control those risks. The on line interactive training module offers knowledge and assessment to increase your understanding of the risks created by fire hazards, and is a simple way to achieve this important area of learning.  

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