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New TSA / Skills for Care film showcases how to embrace technology in social care

A new film from TEC Services Association and Skills for Care, highlights how social care providers can embrace technology in their organisation for better outcomes for both service users and care professionals.

The film follows Registered Manager Martyn Davies of Urmston Manor as he reveals how they have introduced technological innovations in their care home. Martyn is also the co-chair of one of the Skills for Care registered manager networks.


In the film Martyn highlights that using technology enabled care gives him a sense of confidence in his role. He explains that in Urmston Manor they have introduced a variety of technology which helps staff to run all activity as efficiently as possible and ensure the needs of the people they support are met.

Innovations which Martyn and his team have introduced include:

  • facial recognition: this creates an automatic record of which staff are on duty at any given time.
  • electronic staff rota: allowing rostering to be done anywhere, any time.
  • electronic care planning: this system provides digital support on examinations such as blood pressure checks and creates digital records of everyone the staff at the home support.

voice assistant: systems such as Alexa provide easy to use entertainment and a feeling of company for people in their rooms.

Martyn discusses the costs of introducing the new digital technology, and says he feels that while it has been a monetary investment it has freed up time for himself and the rest of the staff to do more work and bring more value to the people they support.

He highlights that using technology means for him less time doing paperwork and more time spent with the people he supports.

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