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A welcome to TSA ACADEMY from our CEO Alyson Scurfield

TSA - CEO Alyson Scurfield

At TSA we are passionate about ensuring citizens receive the highest experience of care, living lives that are enhanced and enriched by technology. Over the last year we’ve seen that it’s been through the hard work of our incredible, skilled workforce that we’ve been able to meet a greater need than ever before. In our work exploring the proactive and preventative use of TEC it’s become clear that our people and their development are at the heart of its success.

We are committed to supporting the sector, whether it’s through our own work in the TSA Academy, or by sharing the knowledge and expertise of one another. That’s why we’ve launched this active blog as a space for key voices to share their advice, work and knowledge to build a community of learning with workforce development at its heart.

As we look to the challenging months ahead, and the opportunities into the coming years, it’s our shared commitment to supporting and developing our people that will make the difference. Keep an eye out for regular posts and if you have examples, ideas or stories you would like to share to contribute to our community of learning then please get in touch at


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