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Consumers and Informal Carers

Enriching Lives through Technology

Do you keep hearing about the benefits of different apps, technology and platforms but you’re not sure whether they’re really a good bet? Explore the ways different types of technology can enhance lives, giving autonomy, support, advice and peace of mind if you choose carefully.

I Matter Too

You can’t do it all. Understanding your limits, how to set boundaries but also how to leverage some of the technology available on the market to give care to those you love as well as the space that you need.

Frontline Staff

Confident Communication

Explaining care and options to those you provide care for can be difficult. Practice confidently and clearly communicating, handling a client’s and concerns.

Experienced Call Handling

For experienced call handlers this is an opportunity to refresh their skills, take a step back from their work and consider opportunities for improvement. It’s also a chance for peer sharing about things that work in your organisation and embed a consistent approach across the team. Case study

Induction Call Handling

For those new to call handling or to the organisation, having a consistent approach to taking calls is important. Going beyond that, this lays the foundations for understanding the practical and emotional needs of callers and how to manage them safely and effectively. Case study Careline

Selecting the Right Tech for Your Client

When your client has multiple needs or there are a lot of different technologies on the market, how do you make a choice about what to recommend? Exploration of customer needs and how to map these across to technologies, when to have too many and how to make sure you use what they have in place

The Role of a Responder

Understand the roles and responsibilities of a responder, how to assess a situation and safely manage a scene.

Trusted TEC Assessor

Increasing confidence for assessors to be able to leverage the wider range of TEC solutions when they’re providing advice and referral options in their role.

Challenging Calls within a TEC Service​

Call handling is about more than picking up a phone and pressing buttons, it’s about handling caller queries, concerns and situations in an empathic, pragmatic and safe way. ​ The range of calls that Call Handlers and Responders in a Technology Enabled Care Service manage and attend, can be

Higher and Further Education

Understanding Technology Enabled Care

Technology and digital skills are becoming core skills for those entering employment. Learn how to leverage your existing digital abilities, raise your awareness of the benefits and think about how to apply what you know to enrich people’s lives.


Coaching for TEC Performance

Achieve better outcomes in your service by taking a coaching approach with your staff. Experiment with different approaches to coaching conversations, understand when to coach, coaching in the moment and how to ask powerful questions.

Creating a Culture of Digital Innovation

Technology enabled care is about more than commissioning technology. Develop a culture that challenges the status quo, uses tech in new innovative ways and explores opportunities for taking a digital-first approach.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Technology provides us with more data than we’ve ever had before. Learn how to use this data and insight to make considered decisions and learn to read the metrics effectively.

Developing your People

Whatever the skill set, expertise, or position, your people should be encouraged to learn throughout their careers. Create strategies to promote people development, take a coaching approach, identify skills, train and direct your staff and generate knowledge sharing in teams.

Digital Planning

How can you predict the tech needs of your organisation into the future and plan accordingly? Looking at practical ways of identifying need, considering your population and how to structure a digital plan.

Giving Effective Feedback

Feedback is one of the most important developmental tools but like all skills it takes practice. Using a clear structure, gathering information, considering perspectives and staying forward-focussed are integral to using feedback to shape a safer, more effective organisation.

Managing Performance in a Technology Enabled Workforce

Teams are increasingly using new technology to support their role. For managers there can be a challenge in what good performance looks like, how to gather the information and measure success in these new ways of working. Learn how to measure and manage TEC performance effectively.

QI/ Quality Improvement

Using quality improvement methodology and the Model for Improvement, explore how you and your people can apply QI tools across the organisation.

Service Redesign

Explore options for improving outcomes and efficiency in your service by developing technology enabled patient pathways. Learn how to identify opportunities, source suppliers and involve citizens in TEC-focussed service redesign.

Customer Service and Sales Techniques​

Customer Service and Customer facing teams are in the unique position to help to guide and offer solutions to help to promote their independence. Responders can see potential changes in a person’s wellbeing, and Customer Service representatives can gain a good understanding of a client or their

Other Ways We Can Work With You

Change and Transformation Consultancy

Whether it’s team mindset, embedding a culture of TEC or an organisation-wide transformation programme our team of learning and advisory consultants can help create a bespoke strategy and plan, either for TSA or you to implement.

Digital Champion & Digital Ambassador Programmes

Embed a digital culture in your organisation by training Digital Champions and Ambassadors to incorporate technology and digital into programmes and decisions from the outset and spread the message across the organisation.

Digital Mentoring

Fast, targeted and relevant skills development for senior leaders can be a challenge. Depending on the need, work with an innovation or digital mentor who can guide you based on their experience.

Learning Needs Analysis

Understanding the skills and knowledge of your workforce in relation to TEC can be a challenge, with adoption of solutions happening gradually over time. We can work with you to carry out a needs analysis and identify areas for development.

Service User led training

Understanding the perspectives of those you serve is best when it comes directly from those people. Service User led training is a mix of exploratory activity, question and answers and personal stories and examples to increase awareness of how to work better with customers and clients.


Innovative approach to skills development, leaders are paired with tech innovators or industry digital leads to share knowledge.

Workforce research and analysis

Are you looking for insight into your workforce trends or to gain insight from existing data? Our Learning Associates and Researchers can create clear, practical reports to support decision making.

Core Skills

Mental Wellbeing

This interactive session will focus on targeted and facilitated conversations and discussions, to build the confidence of Call Handlers in managing these challenging calls, and arm them with the tools and knowledge to manage their own mental health and wellbeing. ​ We will begin by facilitating a

Collaboration Skills

Individuals and teams that collaborate share a common purpose, see values in contributions from each member and find ways to improve the status quo. Learn how to collaborate better as a team or across organisations to deliver at scale and give a better, joined-up experience to customers.

Digital Mindset

Shift the focus on ‘why’ to use digital to ‘how’. Explore the opportunities for doing more with digital, how to make it an everyday habit and take a ‘digital first’ approach to work.

Understanding Technology Enabled Care

Technology is a part of our everyday lives, yet it can sometimes be an afterthought when planning care. Learn the benefits of TEC, how it can enhance the experience of those you work with and explore the potential of products on the market.

Wellbeing and Resilience

Times are tough, we’re all being asked to do more with less and the weight of this is felt by our people. Here we examine opportunities to boost our wellbeing, take care of ourselves and one another, build resilience, manage feelings of stress and seek help when needed.

Support Staff

Call Handling for Supervisors

Support call handlers to give the best service to their customers using a variety of techniques. You’ll learn how to listen effectively to calls, give feedback, coach in the moment and make recommendations for development. Case study Careline Support – part of Churchill Retirement Living’s

Complaint Handling

Handling queries and complaints or upset or angry clients and family members can be a challenge. Explore steps for doing this effectively, taking a solution-focussed approach and opportunities to take learning from experiences.

Providing Intelligence and Insight

It’s not enough to share numbers and figures. Through practical examples find ways of translating data into intelligence and providing insightful commentary.

Putting yourself in the customer’s shoes

Providing the right care means really understanding what a client wants and needs. Practical exploration of empathy mapping, questioning and listening and a step-by-step process for summarising, clarifying and matching needs.

Reporting and Monitoring with Data

Many platforms and technology offer opportunities for monitoring individual or team effectiveness against specific measures. Consider the opportunities for the data you have to provide insight to inform decisions and strategies.

Leaders and Commissioners

Build Your Own Digital Academy

Ensuring your organisation has the right digital skills and mindset is crucial. Develop your own digital academy, bringing together existing internal expertise and support from TSA to build programmes, develop your trainers and champions and create a sustainable training model.

Building Local Digital Plans

More of us are being asked to create a plan for delivering digital as part of our local plans. This practical session helps senior leaders, programme managers and commissioners to gather the information, lay the structure and put in place the measures of a successful digital plan.

Creating a Future-Ready Strategy

TEC can sometimes be reactive, a great piece of technology comes along or a pot of funding. How can you plan into the future and develop a strategy capable of adapting to changes, innovation and digital developments?

Creating a Healthy Tech Culture

Striking the right balance in company culture can be tricky. How do you create a tech-led and digital-first culture that gets the most from your people while supporting their wellbeing?

Cyber Security

Cyber security used to be the responsibility of specialist departments. As organisations now adopt new TEC it’s more important than ever for people to understand what cyber security is and their role in keeping the business and patient data safe.

Leading Digital Transformation

In a time of digital disruption more and more managers and leaders are taking a role in leading digital transformation. For this to be successful you need to understand the process and the pitfalls while developing the skills, tools and knowledge to guide your people and organisation forward.

Preparing Your Organisation for Emerging Technologies

AI, robotics, 5G or biometrics are examples of emerging technologies that are starting to seep into the mainstream. Develop an awareness of what they are, their benefits and limitations and explore case studies, innovators and examples.

Strategically Commissioning Technology

Making the right choices for your organisation, department or region can be challenging when it comes to stepping into technology. Explore how to link tech to your strategic goals, understand digital outcomes, consider workforce implications and identify current and future tech available on the

Strategically Leveraging Digital

Organisations are now providing a variety of different technologies to support the care of their patients and clients. How can you audit existing digital, learn and share knowledge about what exists in the business and leverage it to create better outcomes?

The Digitally Capable Leader

Do you understand the need for a digital approach in your organisation, but feel held back by your own tech knowledge and abilities? This practical session shows how to demonstrate digital leadership, develop and demonstrate capability in a number of key areas and give you the awareness to be able

TEC Providers and Innovators

Getting your TEC Products Ready for Market

It’s not enough to have a good idea or product. Learn about how health and care work and consider how to position, package and price your product so that it has the best chance of success.

Proactive TEC

Evidence shows using technology in care proactively can give a better experience for patients and clients, and reduce costs and pressures on organisations. Develop your understanding of proactive TEC, how it works, how to commission, embed and measure it to generate results.

General Training

Fire Safety Course

This module has been developed with the support of London Fire Brigade to raise awareness, and increase knowledge of how to recognise what may present a fire risk, what you as an individual can do to minimise that risk, and possible solutions. Many fire incidents which involve vulnerable people

Level 2 Qualification TEC

COURSE OVERVIEW Unit 1: Introduction to Technology Enabled Care The learner will: • Understand Technology Enabled Care (TEC) • Understand the benefits of TEC within the health and social care system The learner support materials will be made up of two workbooks that cover: Unit 2: Understand

Flexible Learning

eLearning and distance learning courses The TSA and Learning Curve Group have partnered to offer a suite of flexible learning courses that compliment Technology Enabled Care and Social Care training and qualifications. Whilst not role-specific these courses explore topics in depth over a period of

CPD Training Courses

Putting the Care back into Telecare Developed by the TSA, this range of training packages has been designed to support good quality service delivery. Each training session aims to develop skills, knowledge and understanding, build expertise and raise awareness for how Technology Enabled Care can


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