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Core Skills


Mental Wellbeing

This interactive session will focus on targeted and facilitated conversations and discussions, to build the confidence of Call Handlers in managing these challenging calls, and arm them with the tools and knowledge to manage their own mental health and wellbeing. ​ We will begin by facilitating a

Collaboration Skills

Individuals and teams that collaborate share a common purpose, see values in contributions from each member and find ways to improve the status quo. Learn how to collaborate better as a team or across organisations to deliver at scale and give a better, joined-up experience to customers.

Digital Mindset

Shift the focus on ‘why’ to use digital to ‘how’. Explore the opportunities for doing more with digital, how to make it an everyday habit and take a ‘digital first’ approach to work.

Understanding Technology Enabled Care

Technology is a part of our everyday lives, yet it can sometimes be an afterthought when planning care. Learn the benefits of TEC, how it can enhance the experience of those you work with and explore the potential of products on the market.

Wellbeing and Resilience

Times are tough, we’re all being asked to do more with less and the weight of this is felt by our people. Here we examine opportunities to boost our wellbeing, take care of ourselves and one another, build resilience, manage feelings of stress and seek help when needed.