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Frontline Workers


Confident Communication

Explaining care and options to those you provide care for can be difficult. Practice confidently and clearly communicating, handling a client’s and concerns.

Experienced Call Handling

For experienced call handlers this is an opportunity to refresh their skills, take a step back from their work and consider opportunities for improvement. It’s also a chance for peer sharing about things that work in your organisation and embed a consistent approach across the team. Case study

Induction Call Handling

For those new to call handling or to the organisation, having a consistent approach to taking calls is important. Going beyond that, this lays the foundations for understanding the practical and emotional needs of callers and how to manage them safely and effectively. Case study Careline

Selecting the Right Tech for Your Client

When your client has multiple needs or there are a lot of different technologies on the market, how do you make a choice about what to recommend? Exploration of customer needs and how to map these across to technologies, when to have too many and how to make sure you use what they have in place

The Role of a Responder

Understand the roles and responsibilities of a responder, how to assess a situation and safely manage a scene.

Trusted TEC Assessor

Increasing confidence for assessors to be able to leverage the wider range of TEC solutions when they’re providing advice and referral options in their role.

Challenging Calls within a TEC Service​

Call handling is about more than picking up a phone and pressing buttons, it’s about handling caller queries, concerns and situations in an empathic, pragmatic and safe way. ​ The range of calls that Call Handlers and Responders in a Technology Enabled Care Service manage and attend, can be