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Leaders and Commissioners


Build Your Own Digital Academy

Ensuring your organisation has the right digital skills and mindset is crucial. Develop your own digital academy, bringing together existing internal expertise and support from TSA to build programmes, develop your trainers and champions and create a sustainable training model.

Building Local Digital Plans

More of us are being asked to create a plan for delivering digital as part of our local plans. This practical session helps senior leaders, programme managers and commissioners to gather the information, lay the structure and put in place the measures of a successful digital plan.

Creating a Future-Ready Strategy

TEC can sometimes be reactive, a great piece of technology comes along or a pot of funding. How can you plan into the future and develop a strategy capable of adapting to changes, innovation and digital developments?

Creating a Healthy Tech Culture

Striking the right balance in company culture can be tricky. How do you create a tech-led and digital-first culture that gets the most from your people while supporting their wellbeing?

Cyber Security

Cyber security used to be the responsibility of specialist departments. As organisations now adopt new TEC it’s more important than ever for people to understand what cyber security is and their role in keeping the business and patient data safe.

Leading Digital Transformation

In a time of digital disruption more and more managers and leaders are taking a role in leading digital transformation. For this to be successful you need to understand the process and the pitfalls while developing the skills, tools and knowledge to guide your people and organisation forward.

Preparing Your Organisation for Emerging Technologies

AI, robotics, 5G or biometrics are examples of emerging technologies that are starting to seep into the mainstream. Develop an awareness of what they are, their benefits and limitations and explore case studies, innovators and examples.

Strategically Commissioning Technology

Making the right choices for your organisation, department or region can be challenging when it comes to stepping into technology. Explore how to link tech to your strategic goals, understand digital outcomes, consider workforce implications and identify current and future tech available on the

Strategically Leveraging Digital

Organisations are now providing a variety of different technologies to support the care of their patients and clients. How can you audit existing digital, learn and share knowledge about what exists in the business and leverage it to create better outcomes?

The Digitally Capable Leader

Do you understand the need for a digital approach in your organisation, but feel held back by your own tech knowledge and abilities? This practical session shows how to demonstrate digital leadership, develop and demonstrate capability in a number of key areas and give you the awareness to be able