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Coaching for TEC Performance

Achieve better outcomes in your service by taking a coaching approach with your staff. Experiment with different approaches to coaching conversations, understand when to coach, coaching in the moment and how to ask powerful questions.

Creating a Culture of Digital Innovation

Technology enabled care is about more than commissioning technology. Develop a culture that challenges the status quo, uses tech in new innovative ways and explores opportunities for taking a digital-first approach.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Technology provides us with more data than we’ve ever had before. Learn how to use this data and insight to make considered decisions and learn to read the metrics effectively.

Developing your People

Whatever the skill set, expertise, or position, your people should be encouraged to learn throughout their careers. Create strategies to promote people development, take a coaching approach, identify skills, train and direct your staff and generate knowledge sharing in teams.

Digital Planning

How can you predict the tech needs of your organisation into the future and plan accordingly? Looking at practical ways of identifying need, considering your population and how to structure a digital plan.

Giving Effective Feedback

Feedback is one of the most important developmental tools but like all skills it takes practice. Using a clear structure, gathering information, considering perspectives and staying forward-focussed are integral to using feedback to shape a safer, more effective organisation.

Managing Performance in a Technology Enabled Workforce

Teams are increasingly using new technology to support their role. For managers there can be a challenge in what good performance looks like, how to gather the information and measure success in these new ways of working. Learn how to measure and manage TEC performance effectively.

QI/ Quality Improvement

Using quality improvement methodology and the Model for Improvement, explore how you and your people can apply QI tools across the organisation.

Service Redesign

Explore options for improving outcomes and efficiency in your service by developing technology enabled patient pathways. Learn how to identify opportunities, source suppliers and involve citizens in TEC-focussed service redesign.

Customer Service and Sales Techniques​

Customer Service and Customer facing teams are in the unique position to help to guide and offer solutions to help to promote their independence. Responders can see potential changes in a person’s wellbeing, and Customer Service representatives can gain a good understanding of a client or their