TSA White Paper 2016

Over the next decade, technology will play a growing role in providing care, early detection and ill-health prevention to the entire population. TSA’s White Paper, Putting People First, looks at how the technology enabled care (TEC) sector can take advantage of the huge opportunities ahead of us.


The key messages of the paper are that we need to:


• Build trust in TEC services and offer attractive, user friendly solutions with clear and quantifiable benefits

• Demonstrate the value of care technology through robust data and analysis

• Incentivise outcomes through the commissioning process

• Above all else, put people first


Successful adoption of TEC requires buy-in from everyone in the health and care chain. That is not just about understanding how TEC works but about fully engaging with it on an emotional level and discovering, through experience, that it is as good, if not better, than traditional forms of care.


As partners in TEC we must collaborate more effectively, improve quality, encourage innovation, deliver appropriate and effective solutions and show what a high quality care technology service looks like.


A summary of the White Paper, Putting People First, is available here:


The full paper is available here: