Why become accredited?


In a largely unregulated industry, achieving QSF certification is the best way to show that your services reach the industry benchmark of safety and quality.


The Quality Standards Framework can:

  • Protect your organisation from poor service quality
  • Help your service win new business as an accredited provider
  • Health-check your products and services
  • Secure service-user trust and confidence
  • Enhance your reputation
  • Improve service delivery by quality assuring performance
  • Encourage business innovation through continuous improvement 

QSF applies to all areas of the TEC industry:


  • QSF takes a balanced approach for both strategic and operational compliance
  • It allows for innovation
  • It allows for individuality of service deliver


Who can apply?

Certification is available to all organisations that provide TEC services or products. Certified organisations include telecare and telehealth service providers and suppliers, fire and ambulance services and digital health and care companies. You don’t need to be a TSA member to enjoy these benefits. 


For more information on the Quality Standards Framework download our summary PDF.

What does certification involve?

TEC Quality will guide organisations seeking certification through 10 core standards, as well as modules focusing on key aspects of service delivery. The standards include user safety, business continuity, ethics, performance, improvement & innovation, and contract management.  TSA members can download all ten modules here.


The length of the certification process will vary between organisations but is likely to take 3-6 months, depending on their readiness. Following the audit, the organisation will receive a detailed report from the auditor, with 28 days to act on recommendations. Certification will last for three years, with annual interim audits.


To find out more contact Paul Finch at TSA: Call 01625 520320, email paul.finch@tsa-voice.org.uk


Members of QSF Certified Liverpool Community Health Trust Team