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SIG010 - Interoperability & Integration


To produce guidance for the application of existing digital interoperability standards between social alarms and ARCs and to develop new standards for interoperability between social alarms and peripherals from differing manufacturers. 


Within the TEC industry there are many examples of a lack of interoperability and integration between various devices and platforms whether they are social alarm devices and platforms, IoT devices and platforms or case management systems. This deficit manifests itself in several ways:

  • Budget Holders and Commissioners are unable to easily commission new ways of working as they are tied to existing technology
  • Individuals in need of support cannot use their own devices (e.g. smart phones or watches) to work with social care alarms
  • Individuals are put at risk when Service Providers change suppliers without understanding the full impact of the lack of interoperability of devices and platforms
  • Service Providers have to enter the same information on different platforms
  • Service Providers must manage multiple different platforms with different access methods to manage their devices and platforms
  • Commissioners are unable to obtain a holistic picture of an individual receiving service from Social Care, Health and Technology Enabled Care

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