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The Digital Shift

Analogue to Digital- our campaign to raise awareness of the IP switch to digital phone networks by January 2027





By January 2027, analogue telephone services will be switched off as the UK’s telecoms infrastructure is upgraded to digital connectivity. This shift has urgent implications for the technology enabled care (TEC) sector and the millions of people who rely on telecare in the UK.

The transition has begun already with many telecom exchanges having converted over to fully digital. This is starting to affect functionality and connectivity today with particular risk from 2023 when BT will no longer sell analogue devices. Action and careful planning needs to begin now so that telecare and social alarm service reliability and safety is not compromised: that lives are not put at risk. Many in the sector have already started the process or completed it.

TSA calls on the TEC sector to ready themselves for the shift, upgrade their systems and recognise the opportunity digital connectivity represents to devise new service and product offerings.


Downloadable Guidance:

S​ocial Alarm systems: Application Guidance

Download here

C​reated April 2024

Social Alarm systems: Easy read Guidance

Download here

C​reated April 2024


Commissioner/Buyer Guidance

Download here

(​Created Nov 2021. Last Updated Aug 2023)



Printable checklist

Download here

(C​reated Nov 2021)


M​obile Network Closure

Download here

(​Created January 2024)



Data and Cyber Security Research for Technology Enabled Care

Download here

(​Created July 2019)



The Impact Of Analogue To Digital Migration On TEC

Download here

(​Created 2021)

G​uidance for the transport of data in an ALL-IP Telephony world

Download here

(​Created 2022)




The Digital Switchover: (explained in 2 mins)



The Digital Shift and Connectivity: the very real impact on TEC services

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Further information


Virgin Migration Postcodes 2023/24

(​Created August 2023)

Digital Shift - Customer Awareness Letter Template




A Digital Future for Technology Enabled Care

Download here

(​Created 2017)



The burning platform of PSTN and ISDN

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Digital Alarm Devices- Getting up to Speed

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ARC Platform Webinar. The foundation to end to end Digital TEC

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The urgent need to test analogue devices on digital lines

See blog article about analogue over digital testing including links to test results


TEC Sector call to action on the results of telecare device testing

Industry call to action letter, gaining endorsement from all UK countries and providing links to


Analogue On Digital TSA Testing & Installation Guidance

Get full testing and installation guidance for Analogue On Digital.


Service Providers Testing Results

Matrix to enable Service Providers to record test output consistently. The results that we gathered