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Join our dynamic community driving forward transformation in TEC

We are TSA, the industry and advisory body championing technology enabled care (TEC) across the UK.

With over a quarter-century’s legacy, we strive to bring transformation and growth to the TEC industry, shaping the future of healthcare through innovative digital solutions.



S​haping the future of healthcare

We believe in the power of technology to enrich everyday lives and envision a future where everyone can opt for TEC for an enhanced living experience.

Our stakeholders span across telecare and telehealth providers, suppliers, housing associations, care providers, health and social care commissioners, government bodies, procurement frameworks, emergency services, academia, and charities.

Our extensive membership network includes over 350 organisations, spanning the health sector, social care, housing, academia, emergency services, and technology service providers.

T​ogether we are shaping the future of healthcare.

Y​our TSA Membership journey

As a TSA member, you step into a journey crafted solely for you, a journey that reflects and respects your organisation’s unique character and aspirations. We acknowledge and celebrate the individuality of our members, understanding that each one brings something special to our thriving network.

We go beyond providing a standard set of benefits. Instead, we offer a dynamic and adaptive suite of advantages sculpted to align with your unique needs and aspirations.

We offer more than just support; we provide a tailored growth and innovation roadmap to propel your organisation towards unprecedented success.With TSA, you won’t just connect; you will forge meaningful relationships within the TEC sector, relationships that stimulate innovation, inspire progress, and drive transformative change.

W​hy join TSA?

When you join the TSA network, you’re not just becoming a member of an organisation; you’re joining forces with a diverse, dynamic assembly of TEC professionals.

You become part of a vibrant, innovative community driven by a shared vision of transforming lives through technology. As a TSA member, you’re valued for your uniqueness. We understand that each organisation is different, each journey is different, and we embrace this diversity.

We offer operational and strategic support meticulously crafted to your organisation’s specific needs, ensuring you have the tools you need to navigate your unique path successfully. The health, social care, and housing sectors are constantly evolving, presenting us with myriad challenges. In the face of these, we believe isolation is not the answer, but collaboration, shared learning, and collective wisdom.

Through the TSA network, you have the opportunity to break down silos, share experiences, and learn from one another. We stand firm in our conviction that TEC can make a profound difference in our communities, but this can only be achieved through robust partnerships.

We champion collaborations across the industry, service, and supply sectors to maximise the impact of TEC solutions.

Choosing TSA is choosing to shape the future of technology-enabled care. Join us on this transformative journey. Together, we will redefine care, influence lives, and make a lasting difference. Your membership isn’t just an opportunity; it’s a commitment to a better future.

Download our latest membership brochure here. To talk to us about joining our TEC Community 01625 520320 or or alternatively, fill in our quick online form


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