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Academy Team


Helen Blythe

Head of Workforce Development, TSA A globally experienced leader, Helen has over a decade working in senior Learning,

Samantha Davies

Workforce Development Lead Consultant, TSA Samantha Davies, Workforce Development Lead Consultant for TSA is driven to

Phil Clarke

Phil is an experienced trainer, facilitator and coach, specilaising in management and leadership skills and programmes that improve the customer and

Ian Graham

Graham is an engaging and knowledgeable trainer and coach, focussing on communication skills, wellbeing and customer service. Ian has 15 years of

George Ashby

George is a supportive trainer and facilitator, focussing on developing communications, call handling and team development. His background was

Suzanne Shaw

Suzanne is an engaging trainer and facilitator with expertise in developing teams, communication and sales. Her background began in nursing in the

Derrick Lane

Derrick is a seasoned professional in training, learning and assessment with expertise in quality, emergency response and HSE. With a background as

Chris Mullen

Chris is a passionate trainer and facilitator, specialising in wellbeing, mental health and teamwork. With 10 years practical experience in

Monique Choudhuri

Monique is a knowledgeable and engaging trainer, facilitator and coach, specialising in the areas of strategy, leadership, management and team

Tracey Rotsey

Tracey is an accomplished learning and development practitioner, trainer, and leadership coach specialising in management and team development. With

Helen Oliver

Helen is a supportive trainer and facilitator specialising in digital mindset and adoption of technology. With a wide range of experience, including