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Breaking Ground in Health Tech: Yorbl and Pivotell Join Forces for Technological Telecare Synergy


0​1 March 2024

In a move towards further digitally enabling the landscape of health and care, Yorbl are pleased to share the news that collaboration with Pivotell, the renowned UK-based business specialising in automatic pill dispensers and reminders, has resulted in the successful integration of Yorbl’s suite of innovative range of Vita digital health and telecare solutions with Pivotell's state-of-the-art Advanced Automatic Pill Dispensers.

The integration introduces a sophisticated level of connectivity between the two solutions that enables Yorbl's digital solutions to communicate directly with Pivotell's pill dispensers, facilitating real-time text and/or voice notifications (i.e. medication reminders, medication taken, low battery) via the Yorbl app (in various languages).

Crucially, these notifications are not limited to the individual alone.

They extend to designated family members, caregivers, or care home managers (via SMS Text) and to any Alarm Receiving platform. In addition, they are also automatically transmitted to Yorbl’s secure Data Cloud, enabling future analysis of medication patterns, integration with other systems such as health and social care records and much more, fostering a collaborative approach to healthcare management and reinforcing our joint commitment to personalised, responsive care.

By bringing together the digital capabilities of Yorbl and Pivotell's expertise in medication management, both organisations are underpinning their commitment to supporting independence and enhancing quality of life through innovative assistive technology.

The collaboration creates an integrated approach to healthcare technology, offering users transformative solutions that not only prioritise health and safety but also contribute to an enhanced overall quality of life.



Peter Reed-Forrester, the CEO and Founder of Yorbl, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating “We recognised early on the incredible potential in combining Pivotell's proven technology and Yorbl's innovative digital solutions to create an exciting new, state of the art offering that will genuinely help people to maintain independence, improve their health and safety and their quality of life.Pivotell are a great company, and we are looking forward to continuing our collaboration into the future.”

Nicky Green, Director of Pivotell, echoed this sentiment, affirming the joint commitment to advancing healthcare technology. "We are really pleased that Yorbl has chosen to work with Pivotell and are looking forward to the future of our collaboration. Partnership working is of paramount importance to us, and we aspire to drive innovation in the sector." Green said, underlining the shared vision of both companies to create solutions that make a meaningful impact on individuals' lives.

For those seeking further information about Yorbl’s Digital Health, Care and Community Living solutions, visit or contact them directly at 0330 120 1520. To explore Pivotell's products and their role in medication management, visit or call 01799 550979.






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