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New insight report ‘How Taking Care Deliver Practical Prevention' – launching at ITEC2024.



2​9 February 2024

Join Steve Gates, MD and Daniel Lennox, Head of Sales and Marketing at ITEC2024 as they share practical insights into how prevention can contribute to meeting your service user health outcomes while delivering financial gains. Our interactive Knowledge and Networking session - Navigating the Impending Social Care Crisis through Effective Prevention on Day 2 at 12:40 is designed to support commissioners with proactive prevention ideas for their teams.

Come to our stand to collect your copy of our “How Taking Care Deliver Practical Prevention” insight report - a deep dive into how Taking Care have harnessed AI based research to find hidden patterns in our personal alarm call data and use it to deliver a proactive service that flags issues with customers and their loved ones. It brings practical solutions for commissioners who want to navigate prevention to mitigate the building pressures faced in adult social care.

How Taking Care are turning Prevention Thinking into Prevention Doing.

Our new insight report for this year is succinctly titled – ‘How Taking Care Deliver Practical Prevention'. Following on from the groundbreaking work we covered in last year’s report ‘Delivering Prevention Today. Saving Lives. One analogue alarm at a time', we uncover how Taking Care have turned data-led thinking into reality, with some practical, proactive service implementations for prevention.

From reactive to proactive, prediction and prevention.

For years, personal alarm services have been reactive, responding to and resolving emergencies at point of crisis. Current state-of-the-art Technology Enabled Care (TEC) can now do much more to influence the different stages in the cycle of frailty by being introduced earlier, and can help predict, delay, or reduce frailty before point of crisis.

We recognise that prevention is much talked about, but difficult to deliver across our industry. When we talk to Commissioners we understand and empathise with the challenges our local authority partners are facing, whether that’s a potential financial crisis or relentlessly increasing social and health care needs whilst there are huge pressures on budgets and resources.

Our research also shows that it’s hard to get people to engage in prevention, as it requires a behaviour change on their part. But we believe that by using your data more effectively, you don’t need to do much to start to implement proactive interventions, and all without getting the user to engage in new technology or extra investment.

The customer benefit of prevention remains clear to us. Preventing a fall in the first place has the highest health outcome, by delaying / slowing the progression through the cycle of frailty. At Taking Care we understand the value prevention can truly bring to our customers and their families and have made it a key strategic direction for us, mirroring the same strategy in our wider industry.

Taking Care, part of AXA Health, are now monitoring over 120,000 people, and over 1 million alarm calls a year. We are in a unique position, as the UK’s largest private pay alarm provider, to be able to use our trove of anonymised alarm user data, some Big Data tools and additional research to show you that it’s possible to predict health outcomes and take a more proactive approach by making preventative interventions for your customers.

If you’re intrigued to discover more, please join us at ITEC2024 in Birmingham next month at Stand #34 – we can’t wait to meet you!

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