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Person Centred Software partners with CommonAge to support older people across the Commonwealth


0​1 March 2024

Person Centred Software, the market leader in integrated care home solutions, is proud to announce its partnership with CommonAge, The Commonwealth Association for the Ageing, a charity dedicated to ensuring that older people are fully recognised and supported to live well in an all-age-friendly Commonwealth.

With an emphasis on healthy ageing and inclusion, through its many activities and networks, CommonAge promotes, and advocates for the needs and rights of older people. By partnering with CommonAge, Person Centred Software reinforces its commitment to supporting older individuals’ wellbeing and quality of life.

As both organisations share the same goal and aim of improving the quality of life for older people, it’s only natural for these two organisations to collaborate and form a partnership. Person Centred Software's core values align perfectly with CommonAge's mission to enhance the lives of older people by advocating for their rights, emphasising the importance of their inclusion and wellbeing in society.

Through this partnership, Person Centred Software will actively contribute to CommonAge's initiatives and work towards creating a society that values and respects older individuals, ensuring they are supported and cared for.

Tammy Sherwood, Chief Customer Officer of Person Centred Software, shares her enthusiasm about the partnership, saying, "We are proud to support CommonAge in driving positive change in how we support older people. Their advocacy work makes a real difference in the lives of older individuals across the Commonwealth."

Mansur Dalal, Chair of CommonAge says: “With over ten years of impact, we are absolutely thrilled to have Person Centred Software as a dedicated and innovative partner in our journey.

While an ageing population is a global issue, our research has found in the majority of Commonwealth countries, the absolute size of the older population will increase by at least 100 per cent over the next 25 years, in mostly low- and middle- income countries. Now more than ever before, it is vital we come together, sharing knowledge and experience, to find workable solutions to ensure older people in all Commonwealth countries, and indeed the world, are recognised and supported to enjoy the highest possible quality of life.”

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