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Sony UK Technology Centre and 2iC-Care Redefine Supply Chain Resilience


09 May 2024

The technology enabled care sector has weathered significant storms, with supply chain disruptions posing an ongoing threat to consistent service provision for vulnerable individuals. Semiconductor scarcity, geopolitical turbulence, and the pandemic's lingering effects have converged, testing the industry's ability to ensure reliable access to critical technologies that empower independent living.

Human Impact of TEC Supply Chain

Consider Mary, an 82-year-old receiving remote monitoring and alarm response services that allow her to live independently at home. A disruption in the supply chain for her TEC solutions could leave her disconnected and facing potential safety risks. For local authority TEC teams, prioritising the resilience of the whole supply chain is crucial to protecting individuals like Mary.

Resilience Through Collaboration

Strategic collaborations bolstering supply chain resilience have become imperative for TEC providers. A pioneering manufacturing agreement between 2iC-Care and Sony UK Technology Centre exemplifies how such initiatives can fortify care delivery channels and provide assurances to local authorities.

"It was imperative to 2iC-Care that Andi was not only an innovative technology enabled care solution which could directly solve key challenges facing the care sector, but also a highly reliable one," said Richard Keyse, CEO and Founder of 2iC-Care. "This manufacturing relationship can give care services confidence that choosing Andi increases the reliability and resilience of their care service."

2iC-Care & Sony UK Technology Centre’s TEC Mission

2iC-Care's award-winning Andi solution harnesses advanced interoperability software to enable personalised care through alarms and data monitoring. By partnering with Sony UK Technology Centres global manufacturing prowess, 2iC-Care aims to sustain seamless provision of Andi to adult social care providers, even amid supply uncertainties.

"As a contract manufacturer, Sony UK Technology Centre offers a bespoke, world-leading service. Our expert team, adaptable supply chain solutions, and state-of-the-art facility provide the scale and flexibility to support our customers," said Rob Wilson, Managing Director of Sony UK Technology Centre. "Working with 2iC-Care has been an excellent example of a great collaboration from the very early stages of their product development."

The synergy between 2iC-Care's mission and Sony UK Technology Centres ethos is reinforced by the benefits of UK-based production. Producing vital care technology domestically fosters national pride, bolsters local economies, and ensures adherence to rigorous environmental policies aligned with sustainability imperatives.

Adaptability and Flexibility of TEC

Moreover, interoperable TEC solutions like Andi provide care teams with valuable flexibility when supply chain constraints arise. The ability to pivot and adapt peripherals enables providers to continue delivering essential services without disruption.

As the industry navigates uncertainties, prioritising adaptability alongside robust supply chains is key to safeguarding care for vulnerable individuals. Pioneering initiatives such as the 2iC-Care and Sony UK Technology Centre manufacturing agreement exemplify how strategic initiatives can fortify the TEC sector's resilience, ensuring no one is left behind.


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