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The Accelerating Reform Fund for Adult Social Care (ARF) - Key points and next steps




1​5 November 2023


In this article we unpack the full details of the ARF, summarising key points, opportunities, timelines, and next steps so that you can take full advantage of the ARF's offerings.

Whether you are a local authority or in the technology-enabled care sector, the ARF is an opportunity you cannot afford to miss!



What is ARF?

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) of the United Kingdom has initiated the Accelerating Reform Fund (ARF), allocating £42.6 million over two years to advance innovation in adult social care. This initiative is part of a broader 10-year vision to transform adult social care to be more person-centred, supportive of unpaid carers, and adaptive to increasing demands and diverse local needs. The ARF encourages collaborative partnerships across local areas to embed and sustain innovative practices.

Key Points:

  • The ARF aims to eliminate barriers to innovative practices and enhance the capacity and skill set in adult social care.
  • A total of 12 priorities for innovation and scaling have been identified, with a particular emphasis on community-based care models, greater control over care through digital tools, support networks for prevention and wellbeing, and support for unpaid carers.
  • Local authorities are asked to form consortia within their Integrated Care System (ICS) geography and choose at least two projects for scaling, one of which must support unpaid carers.
  • The funding model includes a fixed base and additional top-up funding determined by… Read the full article here

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