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TSA's Response to A2D News & Telecom Charter




2​1st December 2023

You might have seen recent press coverage in the Telegraph, Guardian, BBCand other media highlighting the impact of power failures on digital landlines and the adverse effects on some analogue telecare devices and the people who rely on them.

We know how concerned the TEC sector is about this critical issue and the work TEC suppliers and TEC service providers are doing to test analogue equipment and adopt alternative and battery-backed mobile connections.

We urge all in the TEC sector to continue this vital work: testing telecare on digital networks and moving to telecare devices that are compatible with digital networks, including back up power supplies.

Please keep pushing hard with your digital migration, at scale and at pace. We are fully aware of the logistical and financial challenges you face and that’s why our chief executive, Alyson Scurfield is speaking with Virgin Media O2 and other telecoms companies, Government ministers and Ofcom to secure further support and co-operation around the switchover.


Telecoms charter

We welcome this spotlight on digital switchover and the pressure Government is now putting on telecoms companies through a new charter. TSA is also pressing for assurances and quality standards around the reliability of mobile networks, which are evolving from 2G, 3G to 5G.

We have done a lot of work on service availability, and we are challenging product and communications providers to confirm that their systems provide the necessary resilience. Read the guidance we have created around that work here.


Managing arising issues

TSA welcomes initiatives between Government and telecoms providers that ensure anyone using a telecare device is protected during the digital switch. But we’re also calling for clarity on how any issues arising from this pause on migration will be managed, for example: how analogue networks will be maintained, how people with the greatest need for remote connectivity can still access the benefits of remote connectivity and do not experience digital exclusion. We will report back to you on this.


We are here for you

  • As the independent advisory body for the technology enabled care (TEC) sector we’ve created comprehensive digital migration information and guidance on our website
  • Download our Guidance and Checklist for any TEC Commissioners and Buyers transitioning social alarms systems from analogue to digital
  • We also run a digital helpdesk for anyone, from a local authority telecare monitoring to a member of the public, to contact if they have an analogue to digital query, including support around telecoms outages.
  • We’ll be holding surgeries from early 2024 where care organisations can get free advice about the switchover issues they are facing.
  • Get in touch with TSA here: E: T: 01625 520 320


Quality and improvement

TEC Quality runs TSA’s UKAS-accredited Quality Standards Framework. Any telecare company or service provider that achieves certification will have demonstrated they have achieved a high level of reliability and are managing the digital shift to the highest possible standard through forward planning and regular testing. Find out more about certification here.

Over the Christmas break and early next year, TSA will be working hard with telecoms companies and Government to support you, our TEC members, so you can reduce the risk to people using telecare during the digital migration.

Please contact us with any queries or questions.


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