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TAPPI2: Review of Application Guidance and Standards for Technology Enabled Care – Report



26 March 2024

In a notable development for the integration of technology in care, TSA has released a report titled 'TAPPI2: Review of Application Guidance and Standards for Technology Enabled Care'.

The TAPPI2 project, an integral part of the Technology for our Ageing Population: Panel for Innovation (TAPPI) programme, has been instrumental in exploring and refining principles that harness technology to improve the lives of our ageing population. Orchestrated by the Housing Learning and Improvement Network (Housing LIN), in collaboration with the TEC Services Association (TSA) and funded by The Dunhill Medical Trust, TAPPI2 signifies a dedicated effort to enhance senior living through innovative technological solutions.

T​he updated TAPPI Principles

This comprehensive report addresses the critical issue of how to effectively embed the TAPPI Principles within the broader housing development and care systems. This challenge is multifaceted, considering the diverse range of stakeholders and their different strategic objectives. The TAPPI initiative’s primary goal is to ensure that these principles and frameworks are not just theoretical concepts, but are actively incorporated into daily dialogues and strategies, helping seniors to lead fulfilling lives, supported by appropriate services and technology.

The approach adopted by TAPPI2 has been extensive and inclusive, involving six parallel implementation projects. These have been key in gathering insights and identifying best practices, through workshops with residents, and housing and service providers. The aim is to pinpoint effective practices for broader application, potentially influencing standards development, guidance, and training in the sector.

The release of this report provides a valuable resource for professionals, policymakers, and stakeholders in the senior care industry. It offers insights and recommendations that are poised to shape the future of senior living.


The report has been developed by TSA


For a deeper understanding of the findings and recommendations of the TAPPI2 project, the report is accessible online here

Following completion of the TAPPI2 project, findings and tools to improve the way technology is used to support people living independently are now available on the Housing LIN website. These encompass the new TAPPI Principles, co-produced with residents, customers and partners, and the tools to aid and inform others seeking to improve the way technology is used to support people living independently and ultimately achieve better technology-enabled outcomes. Visitors can expect regular updates in the coming months, including new material and further tools.

This report marks a significant advancement in our understanding of how technology can be effectively used to enhance the lives of our ageing population. Embracing these insights and recommendations, we edge closer to a future where ageing is associated not just with longevity but also with a higher quality of life, enabled by the innovative application of technology.


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