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Download the TSA Sector Insight Report 2020

From Stabilisation to Innovation: The Response and Redesign of TEC Services During Covid-19

This report contains the findings and recommendations from a 12-week programme of outreach by the TSA to the TEC sector, where we contacted 92% of all alarm services with offers of support and guidance. This programme was sponsored by the Department of Health & Social Care.

It offers a window into the world of the technology enabled care sector and how it has provided invaluable support to the wider health and care system during the early months of the response phase of the Covid-19 crisis.

It captures a number of personal and powerful case studies across telecare and telehealth that demonstrates how the TEC sector mobilised to improve and redesign its services overnight for the good of the vulnerable in our communities.

This work will contribute to the Government’s 14 supporting programmes of its Rebuild and Recovery plan for health and social care.

Our Key Recommendations include a phased plan of action that focuses on:

(1) stabilising existing TEC services

(2) how to best exploit proactive TEC services to shield the most vulnerable, increase care capacity and improve operating models.

(2) embed and assure new service and technology interventions.

Our Ask to Government is to support our programme of works to enable us to build upon the foundations that have been laid, to ensure impact across the entire sector not just for the few.

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