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Lancashire County Council successfully implements the latest in assisted living tech


0​8 July 2024

Today, Councils throughout the UK face serious challenges when it comes to health and social care. Some challenges are clear such as the transformation to digital alarm buttons, but other challenges are less clear such as an ageing population and greater complexity of need with all its repercussions and let’s not forget about staff capacity. Fewer people need to do more and more.

Dawn Astin and David Lovelady from Lancashire County Council, supported by Christian Geisselmann from My Ecosystem, decided to choose Genus Care as part of its transformation to digital for various reasons.

“We were looking for a solution that is simple to use, yet versatile enough to help our clients” says Christian. ”The right product may serve only as a video calling device for one client, but operate as a personal alarm and monitoring for another. They key is that we have something that the staff understands and what to use.”

The selected solution from Genus Care emerged as the optimal combination of versatility and ease of use for an ageing population and younger adults with complex needs. With an ageing demographic and increasingly complex needs, traditional models of care strain to keep pace.

Unlike reactive analogue systems, Genus Care takes a proactive approach, aligning with the nation's early intervention and prevention agenda. This shift from reactive to proactive not only enhances the quality of care but also reduces hospital admissions, alleviating pressure on the healthcare workforce.

“One of the real proof that Genus is the right product is when support staff use the system as their “go to” solution for contacting their clients.” continues Christian. “If the support team wants to contact the client they simply grab their phone and use the Genus to call them”.

At the core of Genus Care lies its versatility. It functions as a mini ecosystem, offering multiple benefits and the option to integrate various peripherals. Interoperable with existing systems like UMO and Skyresponse it encourages the adoption of new care models, facilitating smoother transitions in the analogue to digital switchover.

Important for Lancashire County Council, is the ability to streamline communication networks, fostering closer connections between caregivers, family members, and the elderly. This not only enhances the overall care experience but also supports enablement, empowering users to maintain independence within assisted living, extra care, and domiciliary care settings.

For My Ecosystem, Genus Care’s open structure, connectivity and interoperability is important to ensure a futureproof platform that will adapt to the needs of remote care in the time to come.

The way we provide remote care is about to change drastically. With new systems like Genus, the transformation to Digital will bring a lot more helpful tools for our professional carers to deliver better care, save time and build better relationships with clients and their families.

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