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Embracing Digital Transformation: New TSA/DHC Report Highlights Integrated Care Systems Leading The Way



01 December 2023

In an era where digital health and care technologies are increasingly vital, a new report produced by the Digital Healthcare Council (DHC) and TEC Services Association (TSA) highlights the pioneering work of a selection of Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) in the UK.

This analysis, titled ‘How Integrated Care Systems are Increasing Adoption of Digital Health & Care Technologies’, stems from research conducted by DHC and TSA in collaboration with ICSs and their leaders. It highlights four systems demonstrating different elements of best practice in relation to digital integration.

The report follows the publishing of “Six steps to increase adoption and uptake of digital technology across ICSs” in Digital Health in August, which provided some early insight into the research and flagged the critical importance of digital with 98% of ICSs incorporating digital health and care technologies within their broader strategies.

This report not only showcases the examples of best practice but also provides practical next steps for other systems to implement. It highlights the critical role of strategic planning and partnership, and the importance of scaling effective digital solutions to address the evolving demands of the health and care sector.

Central to the report is the challenge and opportunity of digital adoption across health and care services. Jacqueline Myers from Northeast and North Cumbria ICS encapsulates this notion: “We went into this on the premise that there was already great work going on. We needed to understand it, capture it, and align it.”

The report emphasises the importance of a strategic approach in developing digital strategies. As Helen Haumann from Bedfordshire, Luton, and Milton Keynes ICS notes: “Digital integration is the golden thread that runs through everything we do”. Success stories from systems such as Nottingham and Nottinghamshire highlight the significance of long-standing relationships and partnership working for efficient digital integration.

The report also delves into the transformative power of personalised care through effective use of data and technology. For example, Bedfordshire, Luton, and Milton Keynes ICS utilises patient-level data to tailor resources effectively and meet diverse needs.

The report offers key learnings and recommendations to increase the adoption of digital technologies in health and care systems. It underscores the necessity to overcome barriers such as sustainable funding, workforce development, system capacity, technological infrastructure, and patient confidence.

The DHC and TSA, representing a broad spectrum of healthcare providers, advocate for strengthened communication and collaboration between digital health and care companies and ICSs to achieve shared goals and are here to help to achieve this. For more information or for assistance, please email and a member of the TSA team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Download the report here

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