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Mental Wellbeing for Call Handlers​

This interactive session will focus on targeted and facilitated conversations and discussions, to build the confidence of Call Handlers in managing these challenging calls, and arm them with the tools and knowledge to manage their own mental health and wellbeing. ​

We will begin by facilitating a group discussion to understand, and encourage the group to share their experiences of challenging calls. Understand how these calls made them feel, and what was their thought process as they were dealing with these calls?​

We will then look at roles and responsibilities and looking at the emotions associated with these calls. How do your emotions affect the way that these challenging calls are managed? Give the Call Handlers the tools to identify and manage these emotions.​

We will then explore different scenario based discussions – what would you do in this situation? Encouraging confidence and reassurance. Then simplify coping tools and mechanisms into “Three Things You Should” consider or do for each case scenario.​

Then conclude with the “after the event”. What should you do following one of these calls? Signpost staff to internal support services available to them through your organisation. Encourage sharing sessions after the event or shift.

We work in collaboratively to design flexible ways of learning that fit around the lives of your people. This course is available as:

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