Core Competency Resource

Are your telecare staff competent? 

How do you know?


TSA has developed an online assessment tool to quickly assess your employees’ knowledge and skills.

Maintaining high standards in areas such as Call Handling, Installation and Assessment of TEC Equipment and Responder Services is vital. But how can you be confident that your staff are consistently achieving excellence when delivering their duties?

How does it work?

TSA’s Core Competency Resource is free to members certified to our Quality Standards Framework (QSF). The online tool tests TEC staff using multiple choice questions relevant to their role.

Users have three chances to complete the assessment successfully. Managers can then access the resource to identify staff capability levels and the areas of support that may be needed.

A free Knowledge Workbook for Call Handling, Installation and Assessment of TEC Equipment and Responder Services is also available to support learning.





  • Staff - Find out more about using the Core Competency resource here.
  • Managers – Find out more about using the resource to assess your staff here.

Read our step-by-step guide for managers on how to unlock assessments here.

Take a look around the Core Competency Resource here.

Get a feel for this assessment resource at one of our online taster workshops:

  • Monday 30 April             10am-11.30am OR 2pm-3.30pm
  • Thursday 10 May            2pm-3.30pm

These sessions are only available to members certified to TSA’s standards. Managers/supervisors and up to 10 people per session. If you are interested, please contact Gillian Austin and specify the session you want to join: gillian.austin@tsa-voice.org.uk or 07954 568 562.

TSA may also host workshops for non-certified members wanting to know more about the Core Competency Resource. Please contact Gillian Austin for more information.


Supporting the Quality Standards Framework

This e-learning resource has been developed in line with the requirements of TSA’s Quality Standards Framework. It supports the overall delivery of safe services by measuring the competency of staff involved in the day-to-day delivery of Call Handling, Installation and Assessment of TEC Equipment and Responder Services.

Part of your training programme

The competency tool is intended to be used alongside other forms of learning, education and training for staff; both for new starters, following induction or as a refresher session for existing staff. It is not intended to replace other forms of learning and must be used as one part of a wider, comprehensive training programme.

For more information on TSA’s free competency resource, contact Gillian Austin via email gillian.austin@tsa-voice.org.uk or phone 07954 568 562.