TSA has developed a suite of eLearning and skills assessment resources for people delivering technology enabled care services or working with TEC devices. We currently have two resources available to members:


Core Competency Resource


This free online tool measures the skill and knowledge levels of TEC staff working in Call Handling, Installation and Assessment of TEC Equipment and Responder Services. Multiple choice tests are supported with helpful Knowledge Workbooks.


Used as a starting point for identifying training needs or periodically to assess progress against individual and organisational objectives this tool underpins wider training and education provision, supporting, assessing and balancing needs across the TEC workforce.


This is not a training resources but can be used to identify skills-gaps in order to inform personal development plans and organisational training requirements.























Fire Safety in the Home


This free online course has been developed with London Fire Brigade to improve awareness of fire risks. The interactive module provides useful information about the risks created by fire hazards and assesses users to test their understanding.
















If you would like TSA to develop any other educational resources to support you in your TEC work then please contact TSA at admin@tsa-voice.org.uk or phone 01625 520320.